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For those who want a classic sounding name that isn't too popular, these names are similar to some very common names but are much less frequently chosen, and in many cases they have their own, cool spin.

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Amalia Amelia is actually the anglicized version of this German name. Arden Similar to but less overused than Aiden, it means "great forest".
Annabel Down home country alternative to Isabel and Isabella. Benedict Really cool alternative to Benjamin.
Charlene Out of the top 1000, this criminally underused name is a great alternative to Charlotte. Crispin Alternative to Chris, has never cracked the top 1000 names
Eliza Interesting alternative to the uber-common Elizabeth. Davis Alternative to David.
Helena The capital of Montana is an appealing alternative to the capital of Wisconsin, and far less common. Dolan Less trendy alternative to Dylan or Nolan.
Livia Far less common than Olivia. Jace Space age alternative to Jason.
Phoebe Far less common than Zoe and Chloe and at least as cool. Malachi Biblical name with cool nickname ("Mal") still well out of the top 100 boy names.
Teagan At #213, but be careful because this name is on the rise! For the time being, less common alternative to Megan meaning "little poet". Stefan Scandinavian version of Stephan, pronounced stef-FIN.
Xander 21st century alternative to Alexander.

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