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Some names to consider for babies born around Christmas.

  Girl Names


  Boy Names

Angelica "angelic" Aldo "wise man"
Avery "elf counsel", works for a boy or a girl Alfred "elf counsel"
Beth O little town of ____lehem Avery "elf counsel", works for a boy or a girl
Carol a Christmas Carol? Chris Merry ____tmas
Evangeline "bearer of good news" Emmanuel "God is with us"
Holly a Christmas decoration tradition Gabriel name of the angel that delivered God's message to Mary
Mary from the Christmas story Joseph from the Christmas story
Natalie basically means "Christmas baby" Joshua anglicized version of "Jesus", means "the Lord saves"
Nevada "covered in snow" Nicolas Saint Nicolas is the historical inspiration for Santa
Noelle literally means "Christmas", beat that Norbert "renowned northerner"
Stella "star" Oren "pine tree"
Winter 'tis the season Shepherd from the Christmas story

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