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All the best hipster baby names that you've probably never heard of.

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Alice Staging a comeback after many years on the down swing, where Lewis Caroll meets Arlo Guthrie. Alastair A shout out to Alastair Cook, or some even more obscure reference?
Ariadne Works best if you claim not to have seen Inception. Ambrose A civil war era name that is so obscure that it no longer cracks the top 1000 - but it should!
Athena The Greek goddess of wisdom and second hand clothing stores. Archer An opportunity to drop Rex Stout and Ross MacDonald references.
Delilah The Venn diagram of where the Bible meets indie band The Plain White T's is rich hipster territory. Atticus To Kill a Mockingbird, or any literary book most people read in high school, is great hipster name inspiration.
Eudora Here's an opportunity to name your daughter after both a poet and an email reader. Dante Extra points if you know who Dante Alighieri was.
Florence Retro name with indie band cred thanks to "Florence and the Machine". Desmond Name your child after David Hume using an obscure TV reference and the transitive property.
Hazel It's like a really obscure eye color. Hugo A good opportunity to mention that while you haven't seen the movie, the book was quite good.
India Why give your child a place name for somewhere nearby? Show people you're thinking about the whole world. Irving The progressive verb tense ending implies active thought.
Margot If it sounds French, that's because it is French. Jude The Venn diagram of where the Bible meets the Beatles is rich hipster territory.
Olive Back on the charts after a long absence, ripe for a generation unfamiliar with Popeye. Leonard Name your son after a conductor or that dude on Big Bang Theory. Be mysterious about which one.
Penelope Unlikely trendy name: cracked the top 1000 in 2001 after a long absence, and now ranked #169 as of 2011. Marco Names ending in "O" scream "hipster" (or at least text it in all caps).
Prudence For extra credit, claim that your choice has nothing to do with the Beatles song. Orson A name for authors and directors, last appeared in the top 1000 names in 1901.
Scout To Kill a Mockingbird, or any literary book most people read in high school, is great hipster name inspiration. Roman "You named your son after Roman Polanski?" "No, I named my son after... the Romans."
Stella A streetcar named... something, something. Theo Theo Huxtable: hipster? That's a really obscure question.
Viola The Venn diagram of where classical music instruments meets Shakespeare is rich hipster territory. Xavier Nothing is less mainstream than starting a name with an X.

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